the Glen Edwards diaries


Posing with the Douglas XB-42 Mixmaster, on which Edwards was chief military test pilot, and in which he set a coast-to-coast speed record. From left: Lt. Glenn Anderson, Capt. Glen Edwards, Gene May (the plane's designer), Col. Fred Ascani (chief of Bomber Test at Wright Field), and Lt? David Seawell. (Photo from Air Force Flight Test Center History Office)

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1. Glen Edwards in North Africa, 24 years old
2. "Buffalo Dave" over Tunisia, 14 Feb 1943
3. Douglas XB-42 Mixmaster under flight test
4. Northrop N-9M scale model in flight
5. N-9M under construction at the Northrop factory
6. XB-35 Flying Wing intercontinental bomber
7. YB-49 Flying Wing over the Mojave Desert
8. YB-49 taking off from Muroc Air Force Base
9. The YB-49 after its record-breaking flight
10. Last of the line: YRB-49 reconnaissance bomber

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