Now Comes Theodora
"Salty college students, protest marches, sex in all directions"--Stephen Longstreet

"A richly colorful novel ... and life collides with everyone's hopes and ideals in ways that Mr. Ford endows with freshness and surprise."--New York Times Book Review

Editor's Choice Awarded the iUniverse "Editor's Choice" seal, December 2003

Now Comes Theodora
(a novel of the 1960s)

In the words of the New Hampshire statute, "Now comes Theodora" to file for divorce from Colin, who prefers to march for world peace than stay home with his pregnant wife. She and the baby take refuge with Boris, photographer of nudes, who in all innocence finds himself in love for the first time in his life. Daniel Ford's debut novel is a fascinating cameo of university life in the 1960s--before Woodstock, before Vietnam, but not before student rebels.
"It is impossible not to keep on watching them, simply because they are so human and so young and selfish and opinionated and anxious.... The clear-sighted, unangry Mr. Ford will undoubtedly write another novel, which means we all have something to look forward to."--The New Yorker

Publishing history: The novel was published in hardcover by Doubleday & Co. in 1965, in paperback by Avon Books in 1966 and again in 1972, and as a quality paperback by the Authors Guild Back in Print program in 1999 (facsimile of the Doubleday edition).