Incident at Muc Wa

Go Tell the Spartans
Go Tell the Spartans

"One of the noblest films, ever, about men in crisis" -- Cincinnati Enquirer

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Go Tell the Spartans

"A cult fave--and deservedly so--Go Tell the Spartans was hard-headed and brutally realistic about our dead-end presence in Vietnam; released the same years as Coming Home and The Deer Hunter, the film garnered critical admiration, but audiences preferred individualized sagas, sentiment and romantic melodrama. Rather than tackle the effects of the war on physically and/or emotionally wounded vets, this brave film exposed the fundamental tactical lunacy of the confict as perceived by an American officer (Burt Lancaster) who knows better but must follow through on stupid, self-destructive orders from above. This is one of Lancaster's best performances: embittered, a cog in the military juggernaut, this good man foresees the killing waste to come. With Craig Wasson as an idealistic young draftee. (Adapted from Daniel Ford's fine novel Incident at Muc Wa)." -- from the program notes at the Walter Reade Theater, Lincoln Center, May 2000.

What the critics said at the time:

The scriptwriter, Wendell Mayes, won the 1978 Writers Guild Award for the screenplay. Burt Lancaster's biographer, Kate Buford, called Spartans "one of his finest movies."

For more about Lancaster and the filming of Go Tell the Spartans, click here.

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