Flying Tigers

Tale of a Tiger

Tale of a Tiger
I've always thought that R.T. Smith's diary was one of the best books about the Flying Tigers. Many photographs too. R.T. published the book himself and used to sell it at airshows and by mail. (I got one of the early copies and used it as a resource and a reference while writing my history of the AVG. Because it was a facsimile of the original, I knew it hadn't been edited for publication, as most diaries unfortunately are.)

Brad Smith has copies of his dad's book, priced at $30 for unsigned copies and $40 for signed copies, plus postage. For US addresses, postage is a bit more than $8 for Priority Mail or $3-$4 for Media Mail (not recommended for Hawaii and Alaska). If you want a copy, send email to or click here.

Amazon often has used ("Marketplace") copies of the book for sale, some of them signed by R.T. himself. Click here to check out what's available.

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