Old Man of the Mountain

The Country Northward: A Hiker's Journal

In two weeks of July, with a 21-pound pack and boundless curiosity, Daniel Ford walked across New Hampshire's White Mountains. He met trail bikers, through hikers, peak baggers, Girl Scouts, juvenile delinquents, and the workers who repair the Old Man of the Mountains. In less crowded moments, he delved into the romantic past and uncertain future of this legendary greenbelt.

What the reviewers said

"Ford's narrative is meaty fare, well marbled with facts and observations about the terrain he traverses, its history, the weather and how he copes with it, people he encounters along the trail, what he eats, where he sleeps, and how he finds his way when he leaves the beaten track for more solitary byways. Ford travels light, most of the time eating only pemmican, dried fruit, nuts, and freeze-dried bacon bar 'all jumbled together and run through a meat grinder,' with orange-flavored breakfast drink powder dissolved in water to quench his thirst." — Country Journal

  • The Country Northward is an entertaining book. I bought three copies as Christmas gifts. It clips along nicely, and there are a few beautiful passages ... a thousand delights.” – Appalachia

  • “Lively, entertaining – an excellent piece of work.” – Yankee

  • “It is a story about backpacking; it is a story about a quest for solitude and untrammeled nature, and it is a story about Daniel Ford, whose personality and point of view lend the book a distinctive and human character.” – New England Outdoors

  • “The next best thing to being in the high country.” – Maine Sunday Telegram

  • “A fabulous read for those that enjoy the outdoors, and mandatory reading for anyone partial to New Hampshire's White Mountains.... Highly Recommended.” – Coolkayaker on Amazon.com

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    The Country Northward was published in hardcover and paperback editions by New Hampshire Publishing Company in 1976; now out of print. Facsimile edition through the Authors Guild Back in Print program 2000; now out of print. Revised and updated edition for Backcountry Books in 2010 as a 6x9 inch paperback, 174 pages, $12.95.

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  • Published in digital format 2010; updated 2014; $4.99. Available from these and other e-tailers:
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