the Glen Edwards diaries


The N-9M technology demonstrator was a one-third-scale model of the big Flying Wing bomber. When it decided to buy two XB-35s toward the end of 1941, the U.S. Army also provided funds for three of these technology demonstrators. A fourth was authorized after the first one crashed, killing its pilot. Glen Edwards made a familiarization flight on N-9MB in March 1946 and wrote a fairly upbeat report for Flight Test Division. (Northrop photo)

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1. Glen Edwards in North Africa, 24 years old
2. "Buffalo Dave" over Tunisia, 14 Feb 1943
3. Douglas XB-42 Mixmaster under flight test
4. Northrop N-9M technology demonstrator in flight
5. Northrop factory in Hawthorne
5. N-9M under construction at the Northrop factory
6. XB-35 Flying Wing intercontinental bomber
7. YB-49 Flying Wing over the Mojave Desert
8. YB-49 taking off from Muroc Air Force Base
9. The YB-49 after its record-breaking flight
10. Last of the line: YRB-49 reconnaissance bomber

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