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Most of the papers here are from my studies at King's College London in an online "programme" for mid-career British Army officers called War in the Modern World (MA "with distinction," 2010). About half were indeed British Army, including a captain who deployed to Afghanistan midway through the four years. The rest were from militaries and civilian careers, from Denmark to Singapore. I learned a great deal, and this website is to share it more broadly.

What should Russia do with Ukraine?

Timothy Snyder calls it Putin's "Genocide Handbook." Attributed to Timofey Sergeytsev, who was been described as a film director and political activist, it explains how a benevolent Russia will transform the Nazis of Ukraine -- "the majority of the population" -- into obedient cirizens of the homeland over the course of a generation. By turns comical and repellent, it has an irrisistible flavor of the Wannsee Conference of January 20, 1942, in which actual Nazis planned the obliteration of European Jews. But at least Reinhard Heydrich, Adolf Eichman, and the others had the decency not to publish the "Wannsee Protocol" for the world to read. Sergeytsev's protocol, by contrast, is still available online at the Russian press agency RIA. I have posted the English translation on this website, with the most eyebrow-raising stuff in boldface.

I'm grateful to Mr Snyder's occasional newsletter (paid and free versions) for this information.

I am now blogging regularly. You can keep up to date at Daniel Ford's blog, which began as a student assignment fifteen years ago when I enrolled in that MA program in War in the Modern World. Little did I realize that I'd live to see the start of yet another war in Europe. Blue skies! -- Dan

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