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Straight from the Tigers' Mouth

Straight from the Tigers' Mouth!

One of the greatest windows into World War II is the bound volumes of Life magazine, in which I found this 1942 two-page advertisement from General Motors. Having no automobiles to sell, GM sold the war effort instead, trusting that the goodwill would carry over to peacetime. Thus this ad, based on a cablegram from Claire Chennault in China.

Otto T. Kreuser, Allison Division, General Motors Corporation, Indianapolis, Indiana USA =

Kunming China Cable dated April eight

Greetings to all Allison Engine plant workers from the commander officer and fighter pilots and ground maintenance crew of the American Volunteer Group operating in China and Burma. Our pilots flying Curtiss P-40 pursuit airplanes equipped with Allison liquid-cooled engines have been extremely successful in their flight operations against the invading Japanese air force.

You men and women of Allison have done an outstanding job in building the Allison engine with such fine precision and careful workmanship with the result that the performance of these liquid-cooled engines has been absolutely amazing under the most grueling wartime fighting conditions.

Excellent quality of workmanship and materials have made possible the outstanding performance of these engines in their dogfighters with the enemy over the rice paddies and jungles of Burma and China in which we have destroyed over two hundred Japnese planes in the air and on the ground without to our knowledge losing a pilot or airplane due to engine failure.

"You keep producing 'em and we will keep 'em flying--let's go, America!"

Very sincerely yours, Colonel C.L. Chennault, Chinese Army, commanding AVG