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A Flying Wing bibliography

[Following are the books, articles, and documents I used in writing Glen Edwards: The Diary of a Bomber Pilot-- limited however to those bearing on all-wing aircraft. To them I have added other sources that might be useful to researchers in this area. Available titles are linked to or another page on this site. HO/AFFTC is the History Office, Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards AFB. -- Dan Ford]

Allen, Richard Sanders. The Northrop Story: 1929-1939. New York: Orion, 1990. Used copies may be available at Amazon

Anderson, Fred. Northrop: An Aeronautical History. Los Angeles: Northrop, 1976.

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-----. Telephone interview, 20 Nov. 1997.

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Baugher, Joe. Aircraft files on the Northrop B-35, YB-49, and YRB-49 aircraft, and his thoughts on the notion of a conspiracy to cancel the Flying Wing bomber.

Biddle, Wayne. Barons of the Sky. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1991. Excellent book, good mini-bio of Jack Northrop, but only tangentially about the Flying Wing.

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-----. "More Facts on the YB-49." In Chilstrom & Leary, below.

-----. Telephone interviews, 21 July 1996, 29 Aug. 1997. Notes at AFFTC/HO and on Ford website.

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-----. Telephone interview, 15 July 1997.

Chilstrom, Kenneth, & Penn Leary, eds. Test Flying at Old Wright Field. Omaha: Westchester House, 1995. Nice collection of ancedotal accounts, mostly by the pilots themselves.

Coleman, Ted. Jack Northrop and the Flying Wing: The Story Behind the Stealth Bomber. New York: Paragon, 1988. This is where the conspiracy theory really got started.

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Incident at Muc Wa

Honey, John. "The Wing Will Fly." Documentary broadcast on Discovery channel, 1991. Videotape at AFFTC/HO.

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-----. XB-35 case history. AFFTC/HO.

-----. YB-49 case history. AFFTC/HO; AN-700065-17, NASM Archives.

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Young, James. Ad Inexplorata: A Photo History of Edwards AFB. No publishing data. AFFTC/HO.

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