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A Brewster Buffalo bibliography

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Magazine articles (continued)

J. Bryan, "Never a Battle Like Midway," in Saturday Evening Post 26 Mar 1949. This is a major source of the bad rep the Buffalo got in USMC service. Prange used a lot from Bryan's account. [df]

FlyPast magazine. Reports on BW-372, February 1999, March 1999. [bs]

Daniel Ford, "The Sorry Saga of the Brewster Buffalo" in Air & Space / Smithsonian, June-July 1996. Written with help from Jim Maas, Panu Kolju, Ben Schapiro, and others. Now available in an expanded and updated version for Amazon's Kindle reader. [df]

Gemeinhardt, Lucabaugh, & Martin in Aeroplane Monthly, Nov & Dec 1989 and Jan 1990. Three-part article on the development, RAF use, and US use of the Brewster 340/SB2A Bermuda. [jmac]

Jon Guttman, "Interview: Finland's Ace of Aces," in Military History, February 1999. 7 page article about Ilmari Juutilainen. [k]

Ilmailu magazine. "Pekurin Brewster nousi jarvesta Karjalassa" (short piece about the finding of BW-372 with photo from 1941), October 1998. "Brewsterin paluu" (color photos of recovery), November 1998. "Brewster myytiin" (more photos; cover photo of BW-372 at Segehza airfield), February 1999. [tt] [diacriticals missing in titles--sorry!]

IPMS-USA Quarterly Journal, vol 10 no 4, Summer 1975. Plans, detail photos. [ol]

Bjorn Karlstrom, Air Progress, November 1966, p.48, Finnish B-239, 4 View Drawing with cross sections, propellor and landing gear details [bc]

Malcolm Lecompte, "Naval Air Supremacy and the Development of the Brewster Buffalo," Journal AAHS, for November 1996.

Jim Maas, "The Brewster Buffalo," in Modelworld Vol. 2 No 2 (Oct 1973, pp. 68-75) and Vol. 2 No 4 (Dec 1973, pp. 179-184), Almark Publishing Co Ltd. Coverage of variants; the Squadron/Signal book and Pajdosz' drawings reflect subsequent refinements. [jm]

-----, "Fall From Grace: the Brewster Aeronautical Corp," in Journal AAHS, Summer 1985. Great account of the builder. Not one of your better basic Harvard Business School companies. [df]

Paul Matt, "Brewster F2A Buffalo," in Historical Aviation Album Vol. 5, 1967. 1/48 scale plan of F2A-3; seminal although now dated. [jm]

Anson McCullough, "Exploding the Zero Myth," in Airpower, vol. 26 no. 3, May 1996, pp 8 - 41. Primarily about the Zero but each of the early adversaries is discussed. Several photos of RAF and Dutch Buffalos including a color shot of a NEI B-339D on a test flight over the Atlantic. Center spread is a Gerald Asher painting of a VMF-221 F2A-3 in a head on with a A6M2. [bs]

Anson McCullough, "Requiem for a Pint Sized Pioneer," in Air Classics,Vol.3, No. 6, July 1967, pp 16-23+. 18 pics, badly reproduced, mostly the common stuff, + 3 colour side-views. Text emphasizes "sweet flying characteristics were refined out of it." This sympathetic treatment was apparently inspired by H.S. Packard (Interview: "Carrier Pilot", in A/C Vol.3 No.1) who flew F2A3 with VF-2 in 1941/42 and liked it. That "much maligned honey .... could outmaneuver any Wildcat ever built". "Of the 54 various aircraft flown over the years, the Brewster holds a fond spot in my memory". His main complaint is that the undercarriage "tore off more often than could be lived with" (he is talking of the -A3). [BT]

Jarmo Mikkonen, "Brewster 339E Buffalo: The Luckless Defender of Singapore," in AAHS Journal, vol 43 no 2, Summer 1998. A long, detailed, and mostly excellent account of the Buffalo in British service in Southeast Asia; interviews with New Zealand veterans. Some new pictures, too. [df]

Joe Mizrahi, "Farewell to the Fleet's Forgotten Fighter: Brewster F2A," in Air Power March 1972. A more sympathetic account than most. Good pix. [df]

Lucien Moreau in *Avions #66, September 1998, article and photos of the Belgian Buffs and other a/c dumped from the French aircraft carrier Bearn after June 1940. [jmac]

Walter Musciano, "Brewster Buffalo: Finland's Unlikely Acemaker," in Aviation History, November 1996. A good account of the B-239 in Finnish service, with some speculations on why it did better there than elsewhere. [jm,bs,df]

James Sanders, "The Brewsters of Fighting Two," in Journal AAHS Vol. 14, No. 3, Fall 1969. Good description of VF-2 activities immediately before and after outbreak of the war in the Pacific. [jm]

Christopher Shores, "Brewster Buffalo," Aircraft Profile #217, Profile Publications. Some of this is outdated by Maas's and indeed Shores's own later publications, so don't rely on it totally. [ol/df]

Skyways #55, July 2000. David Ostrowski, the journal editor, contributes a ten page summary of Anacostia flight tests of the XF2A-1, F2A-1 and XF2A-2 models; he also throws in another seven pages of detail factory photos of the XF2A-1 and -2, many new to this reviewer. More new photos come in Roy Meyers' six pages on F2A cockpits (-1, -2 and -3 variants), including the elusive rear deck. Skyways issues are available from WW1 Aero, 15 Crescent Road, Poughkeepsie NY 12601. [jm]

Kari. Stenman, "38 to 1: The Brewster 239 in Finnish Service," in Air Enthusiast, Vol 46, 1992. [df]

Dennis Teague in Airfix, January 1987. Improving Revell's 1/72 Buff, with 6 side-views including one of an 805 Sq RN aircraft in Egypt, 1941. [jmac]

Barrett Tillman, "Brewster's Embattled Buffalo," in Flight vol. 1, no. 1 Summer 1996, pp 56 - 61. Covers the operational history of the Buffalo quickly with a recounting of VMF-221's engagement at Midway. Tillman expresses the BBA's own position that the Buff could have done better. Finnish sidebar and some color. [bs]

War Planes of All Nations, Winter, 1944; pp.12-13, 3 View & Short summary [bc]

* Avions, 29 rue Paul Bert, 62230 Oureau, France; lela.presse@wanadoo.fr


Lampi, Marja, et al. Hunt for the Lost Brewster (Tellustops Films, 2011). A lively documentary about BW-372's odyssey from combat to a Finnish museum, by way of a Russian lake, an Irish go-between, and the Museum of Naval Aviation in Pensacola. $35 for US orders from tellustopsfilms@gmail.com


Lowry, John G. Power-off wind-tunnel tests of the 1/8-scale model of the Brewster F2A airplane. NACA WR-L-543, June 1941. (Clicking the title gets you a 5-meg PDF file of the entire report.) [mh2]

National Air & Space Museum library (Washington) Buffalo folder:

  • 71 Squadron (Eagle) flight test with comments by S/L Churchill, Oct 1940, and Ensign Gibson USN, Nov 1940.
  • Royal Aircraft Establishment, "Handling Tests on Buffalo," by Nivison, Jul 1941.
  • Aeroplane & Armament Experimental Establishment, "Night Flying Trials," Aug 1941.
  • Air Fighter Development Unit Report #23, "Brewster Fighting Trials," Nov 1941. [df]

    Public Record Office in Kew (near London) contains the Operation Record Books of RAF Buffalo squadrons in Malaya and Burma, 1941-42. [df]