Bomber Pilot

Bomber Pilot
Bomber Pilot: A Memoir of World War II

(Philip Ardery)

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This is one of the best memoirs to come out of the air war in Europe. Ardery was a pilot and squadron leader in B-24s, and he flew on what arguably was the most awful raid of World War II: the low-level attack by American heavy bombers, based in North Africa and sent to obliterate the German-controlled oilfields at Ploesti.

I read the book before I started this website, which is why it hasn't been listed here earlier. It came to mind when I was reading Stephen Ambrose's latest best-seller, The Wild Blue. First I thought: my God, here's a historian writing about B-24s who hasn't read the best single book on the subject! By the time I finished, I was thinking: my God, why would anyone waste time on Ambrose's flimflam whenthe real thing is ready to hand?

I'm delighted to see Bomber Pilot back in print, and I recommend it without reservation. If you haven't read Ambrose, get this book instead. If you have read Ambrose, get this book and see what you (and he) missed. Look for it at Amazon websites in the United States - Britain - France - Germany - Japan - Canada