Advertise on these websites

The Warbird's Forum and Piper Cub Forum get about 66,000 page views a month (more during the winter, less during the summer). The counter at the bottom of each page shows the number of page views on these two websites since July 2004.

You can reach these military+aviation enthusiasts with a banner advertisement like the one above. Three banners appear in random rotation on each of the Forums' 600 text files, so you'll average 22,000 page views a month. Here's what it costs to put your message before this audience:

3 months: $200
6 months: $300
12 months: $500

The banner size is 468 by 60 pixels. I don't accept animated banners or any that strike me as likely to bother my viewers (and I'm the sole judge of that!). You pay in advance in U.S. dollars by PayPal, money order, or a check drawn on an American bank.

If that sounds good to you, send me email.