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Flying Tiger Ying

Flying Tiger Ying

China's young people, no less than ours, are addicted to videogames, and one of their latest heroes turns out to be a young woman called Flying Tiger Ying. She was born in Hong Kong, trained as an "operative," hardened in Israel, and now a member of Hong Kong's elite police commando force. ("Ying" is her code name, meaning "Firefly.") See the Annals of the Flying Tigers for more about this, and about an AVG nurse being honored at Penn State.

And other good stuff for August

A gent with a much better claim to the "Flying Tiger" name is George Woo of Quincy, Mass., who in 1943 became a B-25 navigator in Claire Chennault's Chinese-American Composite Group. His story is on the Annals of the Chinese Air Force.

The Warbird's Book Club for August features Lost in the Cold War, about Jack Downey's 20-year imprisonment in China; Zelinsky: A Biography, difficult reading but nevertheless urgent; and Ekaterina: The Rise of Catherine the Great, a Russian mini-series that sheds light on what Putin is trying to accomplish in his long war against democratic Ukaine.

And read about the latest advance in military affairs -- the Frozen War -- in War in the Modern World, as I incorporate my blog into the Warbird's Forum.

For fans of the Piper Cub: Max Church needs a J-3 instrument to go along with the bent prop that ended his Dad's flying career, on the Piper Cub Forum

And finally, for those who dote on Marcel Proust, my doppelgänger Stephen Fall has begun to listen to the heroic narration by Neville Jason of what Naxos Audiobooks still calls Remembrance of Things Past.

Blue skies and Slava Ukraini! (Glory to Ukraine!) -- Daniel Ford. You can send humanitarian aid through Razom for Ukraine (a 501c3 charity). Or support the military through the National Bank of Ukraine.

And welcome to the forum!

Here are a thousand or so files on airplanes, pilots, and the wars of the past hundred years, grouped under these headings:

Annals of the Flying Tigers
Annals of the Brewster Buffalo
Annals of Poland: war and exile, 1939-1948
Japan at War, 1931-1945
Annals of the Chinese Air Force
Glen Edwards and the Flying Wing
Remembering Bluie West One
Annals of Vietnam
War in the Modern World

Plus these excellent places to look for more:
The Warbird's Book Club
Daniel Ford’s books
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