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We're crucial!

Crucial Site This just arrived in the email: "I'm writing to proudly announce the publication of our new article, " 99 Crucial Sites on 20th Century American Military History," which includes Annals of Vietnam. The history of military engagements in the U.S. is deeply entwined with the history of the country's overall development. Most of our readers are currently in the military, and considering pursuing higher education. With that it mind, we made this list as a way to look back on 100 years of military history that has shaped our country." We're number 56, and we are very flattered.

Blue skies, Raz!

Ed Rasimus Not too many years ago, I reviewed a book called When Thunder Rolled. "One of the finest combat memoirs I have ever read," I wrote in the Wall Street Journal, "any nation, any war, any service." I still think so, and I still regard Ed Rasimus as one of the finest chroniclers of the Vietnam War ... though I'm not sure that he ever actually set foot in South Vietnam! His war was based in Thailand and executed over North Vietnam, where he routinely flew his multi-million-dollar F-105 against--trucks! Fuel dumps! Road intersections! The flak was awful and the payoff ridiculously small, but he and his buddies went back again and again. What a tribute to the bravery of young men! Alas, on January 30, the writer and war hero went off on his last mission. He was seventy. Blue skies, Raz! You will be missed.

The Only War We've Got

Yes, indeed, long time passing! Nearly half a century has passsed since I flew into Saigon in May 1964. Here's a new paperback edition of The Only War We've Got, my Vietnam journal. The retail price is $9.95, but here's a discount code for two dollars off:

Just go to the Createspace store, click on Add to Cart, and paste the discount code into the space provided. (You can actually use the discount more than once, if you want more than one copy, or if you want to add a copy of my Vietnam novel, Incident at Muc Wa). Enjoy! -- Dan Ford

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