Michael's War

a story of the Irish Republican Army

Michael's War
As reviewed on Amazon.com: "Michael's War is a serious literary work. It is also a page-turner, an exciting adventure yarn--and a warm-hearted love story--and a sound perspective of the tangled history of the Irish struggle for freedom. The characters are memorable and believable--and like so much Irish literature, the narrative sings." [READ MORE]

When he set out on his road to rebellion, young Michael Ford had no greater ambition than to spoil the sport of the Kerryman Hunt. But before he was done, he found himself exchanging rifle fire with the British army, with an unlikely ally in the form of Annabel Love, the squire's daughter. Michael's War tracks the course of revolution and civil war that rended Ireland from 1916 to 1923. It ends with its hero escaping to America, leaving behind him the "Legion of the Rear Guard"--the Irish Republican Army that has been a burr under the British saddle from Michael's day to ours.

Publishing history

Published by ASJA Press, an imprint of iUniverse Inc. Available in paperback and hardcover editions. 6x9 inches, 196 pages.

Digital edition published for the Kindle e-book reader.

The author

As a novelist, Dan Ford is best known for Incident at Muc Wa and the acclaimed Vietnam film Go Tell the Spartans that was based on it. This and two other novels were published by Doubleday & Co. and are still in print. As a military historian, Ford won the 1992 Award of Excellence from the Aviation-Space Writers Association for Flying Tigers: Claire Chennault and the American Volunteer Group, published by Smithsonian Institution Press--and in a revised and updated edition from HarperCollins. "War history as it should be written!" exclaimed the reviewer for the Naval aviation journal The Hook.

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