Flying Tigers
3rd edition


One of the most interesting bits in The Shadow Tiger deals with Claire Chennault's supposed combat victories in China. With the kind permission of Billy McDonald III, I have published it here as Billy McDonald and the Hawk 75.

Nimitiz and CAMCO Barret Tilman sent along this memo by Admiral Chester Nimitz about meeting with Frank Knox, Lauchlin Currie, Harold Stark, and other worthies to discuss how many pilots would be released to join the American Volunteer Group. I read it as saying: "Today in SecNav's office - conferred with Mr Currie, Stark, Ramsey, Beatty - re CAMCO - matters. SecNav directed that all officers - Navy and Marine Corps who had applied for resignations - should be let go for CAMCO. Subsequently in my office - Mr Currie - Lynch and I agreed that if we released a total of 63 (Navy and Marine) officers - [Currie] would be satisfied for the present." In fact, Currie would soon be back in hopes of recruiting an all-Navy 3rd American Volunteer Group to join the others (aborted, like the 2nd AVG, after the attack on Pearl Harbor)

Nice photos and story on the Xinhua website about a Douglas C-47 in U.S. Army warpaint, landing at Kunming after crossing the infamous Hump of the Himalyas. Its next stop is the Flying Tigers Heritage Park in Guilin.

The indefatigable Barrett Tilman has collected two of his magazine articles and published them as a short e-book, both of interest to Brewster buffs. Indeed, I found the story of the early Grumman biplanes especially interesting, because it reinforces my notion that the Brewster Buffalo helped shape the great US Navy fighter, the Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat. Other books of October were Tribe, by Sebastian Junger and In the Darkoom, by Susan Faludi. Each is rather odd, for reasons I explain at the Warbird's Book Club. And Buffalo buffs might check out the appropriate page for another project about their favorite WW2 warplane. Blue skies! — Daniel Ford

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