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"The Lady and the Tigers"

Lady & Tigers Some years ago, I asked the question: "Whatever happened to Olga Greenlaw?" Nobody seemed to know, so I set out to answer the question for myself. What a journey it turned out to be! I learned a great deal about the lives of Olga and Harvey Greenlaw, and I was fortunate enough to talk to Olga's sister and half-sister, both delightful ladies. What with one thing and another, I decided that it was time to bring Olga's book to a new generation of readers. I've edited the text, added some explanatory material, and written a "foreword" and "afterword" explaining where the Greenlaws came from and what happened to them after their year with the Flying Tigers in Burma and China.

The book is available as a paperback (that's Joel Naprstek's cover above) and also in digital form for reading on Amazon's Kindle e-book reader, personal computer, smartphone, or tablet.

What the readers say:

  • "I recommend to members of this Forum Dan Ford's new, edited re-issue of Olga Greenlaw's The Lady and the Tigers.... Dan's added a lot of interesting material about Olga and Harvey in a 17-page Foreword, 13-page Afterword, and 6 pages of Notes and Sources. There are also a number of nice photographs and interesting annotations throughout. I like the cover painting by Joel Naprstek--a frequent contributor to this list--of Olga looking like a deer caught in the headlights of a car and Bob Little's #33 blasting away at the Japanese." (On the Flying Tigers Association message board)

  • "A great book on the legendary group done like no other on subject of the AVG-Flying Tigers. A very inside point of view from Olga Greenlaw, the only female (a timeless beauty I might add) of the group that defended Rangoon, the Burma Road and China in the very dark, early days of WWII.... The author herself is a mystery in most of the other books on the AVG but she's fully revealed in this one. The one photo of her on the waterfront, slit skirt and all may be worth the cover price alone. No fan of the Flying Tigers should be without this book." (On the Barnes & Noble website)

  • "Highly recommend! Not only is Olga Greenlaw a handsome lady (check out the legs in that photo on the waterfront in Shanghai!) but she writes a rollicking good yarn.... She was there, unlike most of the people who wrote the histories of the Flying Tigers, and she was writing with her diary in front of her. If she makes a mistake, Mr. Ford quietly corrects it [like this]. The editing is helpful but never annoying.... Something for every WWII aviation buff to have on his shelf!" (On the Amazon website)

    Paperback and e-book

    The Createspace paperback is 6x9 inches, 188 pages, with 14 black-white photos; list price $9.95. Click here to see it on Amazon.com. To order through a bookseller, ask for ISBN 978-1456415327.

    The digital edition is based on the paperback; list price $6.99. Click here to see it on Amazon.com. Also available in other e-book formats.