Poland's Daughter


Dan Ford in London 2011
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The basic biography:

Adapted from Who's Who in America, 2012:

FORD, DANIEL. Writer. Son of Patrick and Anne Ford. Married; one daughter. Education: B.A. (political science) University of New Hampshire 1954; graduate study (modern European history) University of Manchester, England, 1954-55; M.A. (War in the Modern World) King's College, London, 2010. Military: two years' enlisted service, U.S. Army, 1956-57. Career: reporter, Overseas Weekly, Frankfurt, Germany, 1958; free-lance writer based in Durham, N.H., 1959 to present; correspondent, The Nation, South Vietnam, 1964; publisher of The Warbird's Forum, Piper Cub Forum, and Dan Ford's Blog; long-time contributor to Skiing, Air & Space / Smithsonian, Wall Street Journal, Michigan War Studies Review, and other publications. Honors: Phi Beta Kappa; Fulbright Fellow, 1954-55; Stern Foundation Magazine Writers Award, 1964; Verville Fellow, National Air & Space Museum, 1989-90; award of excellence, Aviation-Space Writers Association, 1992; resident scholar, University of New Hampshire.

The books

• Work in progress: Poland's Daughter: How I Met Basia, Hitchhiked to Italy, and Learned About Love, War, and Exile.

• Editor: When I Am Going: Growing Up in Ireland and Coming to America, 1901-1927 (Anne Crowley Ford), 2012

Incident at Muc Wa, revised and updated 2012 (first published 1967; translated in Dutch; filmed as Go Tell the Spartans)

A Vision So Noble: John Boyd, the OODA Loop, and America's War on Terror, 2010

Flying Tigers: Claire Chennault and His American Volunteers, 1941-1942, revised and updated 2007 (first published 1991)

Michael's War (a story of the Irish Republican Army), 2003, 2010

• Editor: The Lady and the Tigers: Remembering the Flying Tigers of World War II (Olga Greenlaw), 2002, 2012

The Only War We've Got: Early Days in South Vietnam, 2001

Remains (a story of the Flying Tigers), 2000, 2013

Glen Edwards: The Diary of a Bomber Pilot, 1998, 2013

The Country Northward: A Hiker's Journal, 1976, 2012

The High Country Illuminator, 1971, 2013

Now Comes Theodora, 1965

Most of these titles are available as e-books for the Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook, as are several monographs and magazine articles.

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