All about the Brewster F2A Buffalo fighter of World War II, which fared so poorly against the Japanese in the Pacific but was a star in the hands of Finnish pilots flying against the Russian air force in the 'Continuation War', 1941-1944



Sea Classics Sea Classics is a new magazine from the Challenge suite of war titles. Its August issue begins a major two-part article (hyped a bit, I'm afraid) about the roly-poly Brewster Buffalo in peace and war. "To many it seemed the company might as well have been owned by Heinrich Himmler or Heidiki Tojo, for one could maintain that the Brewster Aeronautical Corporation did more for the Axis powers with its gross mismanagement, unreliable products, failed delivery schedules, labor riots, strikes, and shocking sex acts on the factory floor than many less overt enemy actions." Well, my goodness!

Dutch Bofors guns

A Bofors crew in the Dutch East Indies, probably before the Japanese breakout of December 7/8, 1941. The planes overhead seem to be export versions of the Martin B-10 bomber, though the three on the right may have been added in the darkroom. (A tip of the virtual hat to Jack Muller, whose dad was a Bofors gunner in the KNIL.) Blue skies! -- Dan Ford


In Finnish service


In British Commonwealth service


In U.S. service


In Dutch (and Japanese) service

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