All about the Brewster F2A Buffalo fighter of World War II, which fared so poorly against the Japanese in the Pacific but was a star in the hands of Finnish pilots flying against the Russian air force in the 'Continuation War', 1941-1944

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Buffalo data plate
A tip of the virtual hat to Heikki Laukkanen , who sent me this data plate from a Brewster fighter, supposedly BW-364, shot down in Russia in July 1944. As the story goes, two Finns located the wreck and liberated this plate, which Jim Maas identifies as probably belonging to the oil tank assembly. "The capacity (11 gallons) is right and the weight would be about right for an empty tank. The Drawing Number [DWG] matches up.... The numbers before the hyphen are for the model the drawing was prepared for; the F2A-1 was Model 5.... As you know, the Finnish 239's were actually ex-F2A-1's, so I'm pretty sure that they did not go through and replace all the parts identifiers with the 'correct' Model type for the Finnish order, [which was] Type 11. Though that may be why the [Model number] has been scratched out."

In short, it's very likely that the plate comes from one of the Finnish Brewsters, and it's unlikely that such a find would turn up at this late date in Finland itself. So the idea that it comes from BW-364 in Russia must be taken seriously. And I can understand why the scavengers would rather keep their names off the internet!

BW-364 was flown by, among others, Ilmari Juutilainen, who with 94 victory credits is history's top-scoring fighter ace outside of Germany. (Juutilainen bore a striking resemblance to the film star Gary Cooper; 28 of his victories were earned while piloting BW-364.) "The remains of this Brewster are in the forests somewhere in Russia," Heikki's email continues. "Two civilian Finns went there, located it, and smuggled the data plate back to Finland." Thank you, Heikki; thank you, Jim! Blue skies! -- Dan Ford

Sorry Saga of the Brewster Buffalo


In Finnish service

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In British Commonwealth service

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In U.S. service

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In Dutch (and Japanese) service

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Brewster ghosts

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Brewster Aeronautical and other resources

"The Sorry Saga of the Brewster Buffalo" (Daniel Ford)
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Stock certificate from Brewster Aeronautical Corporation
Brewster worker's badge from Johnsville, Pa.
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For modelers

Modeler's drawings of the XF2A-1
Build a wartime recognition model (KAPA Kollector)

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