All about the Brewster F2A Buffalo fighter of World War II, which fared so poorly against the Japanese in the Pacific but was a star in the hands of Finnish pilots flying against the Russian air force in the 'Continuation War', 1941-1944



BW-372 cockpit

Way cool! Go to Jamiflyin dot com and click on the image of the Brewster Buffalo, third photo down. Let the software load, and you will soon be sitting in the cockpit of BW-372, rescued from a Russian lake in the 1990s and now on display at a museum in central Finland. The instruments are in remarkably good condition, considering the many and dubious hands the plane passed through, in Russia, Ireland, and the United States. For a diagram of a Buffalo cockpit, see the message board on Yuku. (And don't for goodness sake shoot down that FW-44 Steiglitz trainer about to cross in front of you. Though it seems to bear a swastika on its flank, the color is blue and the position upright, indicating that its a fellow aircraft of the Finnish Air Force.)

Speaking of BW-372, Marja Lampi, one of the original search team and the daughter of a Brewster pilot, has produced an hour-long documentary of the salvage effort and its aftermath, using black-white newsreels from the war years and color footage of the discovery and subsequent adventures of BW-372. The distributor is which for $33 via PayPal will send the DVD to a U.S. address in North American format, with equivalent prices and other formats elsewhere. For any warbird lover, it's not to be missed!

A tip of the virtual hat to Jim Maas, who pointed us to the Finnish site and who provided the dashboard diagram. Blue skies! -- Dan Ford


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