Files and images about the American Volunteer Group commanded by Claire Chennault. The AVG Flying Tigers defended Burma and China with their shark-faced P-40 Tomahawks in the opening months of the Pacific War, December 1941 - July 1942.

Flying Tigers
3rd edition 2016


The third edition of Flying Tigers is now being rolled out. You can find the e-book ($7.95) at Amazon and other online stores. The paperback ($14.95) of course takes a bit longer, but it's for sale on Amazon's stores in North America and Europe. Or copy this coupon code — 4EDMM32V — for a four-dollar discount at the Createspace store. Or get an autographed copy from me.

Thanks to the gnomes at Amazon, you can read the first chapter online. (That's from the Kindle edition, but they're more or less the same. I'm told that the magic doesn't work if you have ad-blocking software installed.)

I'm now updating the book's website so it meshes with the new edition. For one thing, the new editon incorporates all the additions and corrections that I've accumulated over the years, so I can get rid of the "errata" page. I'm now in the process of updating the Notes & Sources and adding some of the supplementary material (personnel rosters, victory credits, aircraft profiles) that bulked up the earlier editions. Bear with me while I finish it up. Blue skies — Dan Ford

A 'Special Air Unit' for China:

The Tigers forge a legend:

Remains - A Story of the Flying Tigers

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