Files and images about the American Volunteer Group commanded by Claire Chennault. The AVG Flying Tigers defended Burma and China with their shark-faced P-40 Tomahawks in the opening months of the Pacific War, December 1941 - July 1942.

Flying Tigers
3rd edition


Christmas raid, the Japanese view
Seen on eBay, here's a remarkable wartime painting, apparently one of many in a popular "Strategy" series that glorified the Imperial army and navy in the opening months of the Pacific War. This one depicts Mitsubishi Ki-21 "Sally" bombers over Rangoon. Because it shows a Brewster Buffalo being shot down, the date is presumably December 25, 1941, when five of the Royal Air Force fighers went down and four pilots killed. (The Japanese formations lost three of the heavy bombers and five fighters, apparently all to the Flying Tigers.)

I'm embarrassed to admit that I forget who tipped me to the imagine online, but I think it was the invaluable Edward Rogers.

And a tip of the virtual hat to Craig Coltharp, whose dad served with Martin Cluck, who in 1942 was a second lieutenant in the 23rd Fighter Group, attached to the Flying Tigers during their last month in China. There has long been a question about the spelling of his surname. Mr Coltharp confirms that it was indeed Cluck, and I have updated the roster accordingly. Blue skies! — Daniel Ford

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