Files and images about the American Volunteer Group commanded by Claire Chennault. The AVG Flying Tigers defended Burma and China with their shark-faced P-40 Tomahawks in the opening months of the Pacific War, December 1941 - July 1942.

100 Hawks for China


Claire Chennault and the American Volunteer Group

AVG vets in New York, 1942
Amazing what we can find on the internet. I've been researching the lives of the Flying Tiger pilots, 100 men recruited to fly for the 1st American Volunteer Group plus 10 army flight instructors who were hired to check out Chinese cadets for advanced training in the United States. Not much is known about some of these men, but oddments turn up here and there when I search by name. Here for example is a photo of Herbert (Pat) Cavanah, Dick Rossi, and John Hennessy in New York after they returned from China in August 1942. Louise Hennessy is standing behind them. Cavanah is one of the former flight instructors who joined the combat squadrons in the spring of 1942, and who are mostly ignored in AVG histories.

I've posted a second installment of pilot biographies, from Bert Christman to Duke Hedman. See them here.

This project began as an update of my Roster of the Flying Tigers, but it soon got out of hand. So I decided to make an e-book out of it instead. That should be ready next month. Meanwhile I'll keep posting the thumbnail biographies here. Blue skies! -- Dan Ford

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