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The December issue of WWII History magazine features Charlie Bond of the AVG Flying Tigers, complete with a great cover painting of a shark-mouthed P-40 diving off the page. (The Tomahawk is fuselage number 77, flown by R.T. Smith until Dick Rossi pranged it at Magwe in the spring of 1942.) The piece was written by Bob Bergin, who specializes in articles and e-books set in Asia, many of them about the heroics and misadventures of the American Volunteer Group. Here he covers the whole of one pilot's AVG career. Read more here.

The German War is an astonishing book. Nicholas Stargardt is an Oxford don, so this is a scholarly work (and priced accordingly), yet it accomplishes a seemingly impossible feat: it lays out German crimes at home and abroad, while showing the criminals not only as human beings, but as men and women who deserve our sympathy. I actually ended by feeling sorry for them, though after the surrender most still insisted that theirs had been a defensive war. They weren't defeated by Russians, Brits, and Americans, they explained, but by "the Jews." And that was what they regretted about the calamity of 1939-1945. Read more here. Blue skies! — Dan Ford

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Here are a thousand or so files on airplanes, pilots, and the wars of the past hundred years, grouped under these headings:

Annals of the Flying Tigers
Annals of the Brewster Buffalo
Annals of Poland: war and exile, 1939-1948
Japan at War, 1931-1945
Annals of the Chinese Air Force
Glen Edwards and the Flying Wing
Remembering Bluie West One
The Spadguys Speak (carrying a nuke to Sevastopol)
Annals of Vietnam
War in the Modern World

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Daniel Ford’s books
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